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MHL kabel

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  1. Delock kabel MHL mannetje naar High Speed HDMI mannetje 2 m
    € 9,00
    This cable by Delock with MHL interface, a combination of USB and HDMI, complies with the connection of different smartphones and tablet-PCs. You may connect your smartphone to a TV with HD support and watch pictures or videos in HD quality, in case the HDMI port on your output device supprts the MHL function. This connection does not require any additional HDMI cable, since this cable already provides a HDMI male connector. Compared to previous MHL adapter and cables, you don’t require an additional power supply.
  2. Delock kabel MHL 3.0 mannetje naar High Speed HDMI-A mannetje 4K 5 m
    € 20,00
    The MHL cable by Delock enables you to replay multimedia content from a MHL-enabled smartphone or tablet PC on a big display or TV with MHL support. The cable complies to the MHL 3.0 specification and supports screen resolutions up to Ultra HD (4K) and 7.1 Surround Sound. The extended RCP function allows the easy and useful control of your mobile devices by means of the TV remote control or another peripheral device, such as a touch screen, keyboard or mouse. Your mobile device is being charged during usage, thus an additional power supply is not required.

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