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  1. Delock USB 2.0 Cardreader All in 1
    € 14,00
    The Delock Card Readerenables you to read and write these 57 different memory cards via USB port ofyour notebook or PC.
    • USB 2.0interface
    • Datatransfer rate up to 480 Mbps
    • Dimension(LxWxH): 56,6 mm x 43,5 mm x 13,2 mm
    • Hot Swap, Plug & Play
    Supports following memory cards:
    Slot 1 CF I, CF II, CF 4.0, CFExtreme, CF Extreme III, CF Extreme IV, CF Extreme IV
    UDMA, UDMA Extreme, UDMA6 Extreme Pro, ULTIMA II, Micro Drive, Magicstor
    Slot 2 SD, SD High Capacity (SDHC), SDXC, SD Ultra II, SDUDMA II, SD Extreme III,
    SDHC Turbo, SDHC Ultra, SDHC Extreme, SDHC ExtremeIII, Turbo-SD,
    Turbo Mini SD*, Mini SD*, Mini SDHC*, MMC-I, MMC-II, MMC plus,
    MMC plus Turbo, HS-MMC, HC-MMC, MMCmobile*,
    MMCmobile* Dual-Voltage, RS-MMC*, RS-MMC 4.0*
    Slot 3 MS, High Speed MS (HS-MS),MS-ROM, MS Magic Gate, MS Pro,
    MS-Pro Magic Gate, MS-Duo, MS-Duo Magic Gate, MS-Pro Duo,
    MS-Pro HighSpeed,MS-Pro HG-Duo, MS-Pro Duo Magic Gate
    Slot 4 xD, xD type M, xD type H
    Slot 5 MS Micro (M2)
    Slot 6 MicroSD, Micro SDHC, MicroSDHC Turbo, T-Flash, MMCmicro
    * with adapter
    System requirement
    • PC or notebook with a free USB port
    Windows XP/XP-64/Server-2003/Vista/7, Mac OS8.6x or above, Linux OS 2.4 or above
    Package content
    • USB 2.0 CardReader All in 1
    • USB 2.0 cable
    • User manual
    • Blister
  2. Delock USB Geluid Adapter 7.1
    € 18,00
    The Delock USB sound adapter expands your computer by one additional sound card. Just plug the adapter to a free USB port of your notebook or PC and connect your headset or speaker to it.
  3. Delock USB 2.0 Cardreader All in 1
    € 18,00
    The Delock Card Reader enables you to read and write 57 different memory cards via USB port of your notebook or PC.
  4. Delock Universal Remote Control incl. Infrarood Ontvanger voor Windows
    € 21,00
    This Delock remote control is ideal for any PC, especially used for multimedia applications. Insert the infrared receiver into a free USB port of your PC and you can control your whole computer, e.g. in the desktop area, online or in the Multimedia Center. The remote control comes with a mouse and a keyboard. Various function keys such as Web, Email, Copy, Paste etc. make work easier.
  5. Delock High Speed HDMI Switch 2 in naar 1 out
    € 23,00
    Using the Delock HDMI switch you can use up to 2 HDMI devices on one HDMI monitor, TV or beamer etc. The automatic function enables the switch to select always the latest used device automatically after switching on the devices. Thus you can avoid permanent manual switching.
  6. Delock USB Geluid Box 7.1
    € 37,00
    The Delock USB Sound Box 7.1 enables you to expand your computer by one soundcard. By sourcing out the sound processor all disturbing influences can be minimized, so that you can hear the perfect sound. Just plug the Sound Box to a free USB port of your PC or notebook and connect your speakers or earphones. This product is ideal for applications like Skype, when using a headset. The result is phenomenal !
    • USB 2.0 specification
    • 6 Connectors (3.5 mm cinch): Headphone, Line in, front speaker, surround speaker, center/bass speaker, rear speaker
    • Functional keys: Volume mute, microphone mute, Volume-Down, Volume-UP
    • S/PDIF optical digital input and output
    • AC-3 Encoder, EAX2.0
    • 2 x ADC (analog digital converter) and 8 x DAC (digital analog converter)
    • Full-duplex recording and play-back
    • Supports 48/44.1 KHz sampling rat for recording and play-back
    • USB Audio device Specification 1.0
    • USB HID class 1.1
    • Supports 7.1 channel Sound
    • USB Bus-Power

    System requirement
    • Windows 2000/Server-2003/XP/XP-64/Vista/Vista-64/7/7-64
    • Notebook or PC with a free USB port

    Package content
    • USB Sound Box
    • USB cable
    • Driver CD
    • User manual

    • Retail Box
  7. Delock Adapter USB 2.0 naar 1 x Serieel RS-422/485
    € 44,00
    This USB 2.0 to serial adapter enables you to connect a serial device to a free USB port.
  8. Delock Adapter USB 2.0 naar 4 x Serieel RS-422/485
    € 98,00
    This USB 2.0 to serial adapter enables you to connect up to four different serial devices to a free USB port.
  9. Delock Adapter USB 3.0 naar HDMI / VGA + Gigabit LAN + USB 3.0
    € 106,00
    This Delock adapter can be connected to your PC or notebook to a USB 3.0 interface and expands your computer by one monitor port and a Gigabit LAN interface and a USB 3.0 interface. You can connect a HDMI monitor and a VGA monitor to the adapter, but it supports only one image output at the same time, so only on the HDMI monitor will be visible.

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